Teach your kids to code TODAY!


No matter what your kids school program is, our online courses are the perfect way to

sharpen their logic, problem solving and overall technical skills!

Choose from Online Private Tutoring or Virtual Group Sessions that will take your child to the next level.

Help your kids to learn Programming from the comfort of your home!

Group Sessions

For those who enjoy working with others!

Our Group Classes are the perfect, home-based option for parents who want their kids to collaborate with other students in the same way as our in-person program.

Group Sessions will help students to keep the vital social component while learning from home.

Students will be learning once or twice a week in a blended model of 3 components:

  • 1-on-1 with a Code Mentor
  • Self-paced problem solving
  • Collaboration with other students.

Best for all skill levels, ages 7-14

Private 1:1 Coding Tutoring

The most effective way to learn programming

Did you know that your kids could learn to code from the comfort of their own bedroom (or your home office)?

We can help them discover new passion that will lead to future opportunities and success!

One-on-one tutoring with our Code Mentors will ensure that your kids will be learning in the most effective and personalized way to achieve the best results!

Best for all skill levels, ages 7-14

How will it work?

  • Kids will be logging in into a virtual classroom with one of our Code Mentors
  • During each session students will be assigned a hands-on project
  • Students will be guided and challenged by Code Mentors during each session
  • Kids will learn to code by building video games, apps and websites.
  • Each project is designed for kids to learn important programming concepts and fundamentals

Why learn to code from home?

While switching to completely remote learning during school closure can be very uncomfortable for some families, it is also a great opportunity to gain 21st Century Skills.

Most of the modern companies have been using telecommute for their employees and hiring talent overseas to take advantage of globalization, increase their efficiency, and reduce stress associated with traffic.

There is no doubt that remote work is going to become a mainstream in a very near future, giving our kids more opportunities and possibilities.

Use this time wisely and have your kids learn 21st century most demanding skills, such as Programming, while preparing for the workspace of the future - ONLINE!

Who will they learn from?

We take pride in what we do and who we do it with and make sure to recruit only top candidates. They are the same carefully-vetted talent that top tech companies such as Google and Amazon are on the constant lookout for.

Raising the bar:

When your child attends Mighty Coders, they are learning from the tutors who have been "coder kids" themselves and can relate to your child. Our company has spent over 5 years perfecting the curriculum:

- Top talent recruited from elite universities

- Thorough background and reference checks

- In-person training

- Adherence to American Camp Association accredited guidelines

Our Stellar Curriculum

Designed for kids ages 7-14

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